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Create zooming presentations

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Create Zooming Presentations


PreziPrezi is a free online tool that calls itself the "zooming editor for stunning presentations." Prezi.com explains that it "allows anyone who can sketch an idea on a napkin to create and perform stunning non-linear presentations with relations, zooming into details, and adjusting to the time left without the need to skip slides."

It's much easier to experience a Prezi presentation than to describe one. View the sample presentation below. You can click the right arrow Right Arrow to zoom your way through an introduction to Prezi, and click the full screen button Full Screen to enlarge the size.




You probably first noticed how cool it is to go from one item to another in Prezi. Yes, it's an impressive effect, but more importantly, the sizes and positions of objects can symbolize their relationships.


Besides playing the presentation in the order the author set up, viewers can click, drag, and scroll their way around the canvas without going in the pre-defined order. This makes Prezi presentations useful in classrooms because the teacher can give a presentation with stunning visuals and then provide students a web link to review the presentation on their own.


Prezi has dozens of presentations in their Showcase. You can click through a presentation like Animals by a student, Kinds of Sentences by a teacher, and Stellar Remnants by a professor.


Animals Sentences. Stellar Remanants


Below is a Prezi presentation Tony Vincent made called Google Search Tricks.




Prezi presentations can include text, images, video, and audio. Although they look complicated to create, it's really quite simple to make your own zooming presentation. Prezi.com offers videos to get you started in theirLearn section. In fact, the first video is called Learn Prezi in 4 Minutes.


Once your presentation is created and saved, it can be shared with the world through a web link. Prezi also allows you to download presentations you've created to play on your Mac or Windows computer. Downloading is an important feature because downloaded presentations don't rely on an Internet connection. Another great features include the ability to invite collaborators to edit your presentation.


After giving Prezi a go, you'll discover how fun it is to create and share a presentation. Using Prezi should not just be for teachers; your students will certainly enjoy communicating information using this unique tool.


Note: An email address is required to log into Prezi.



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